Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Final Year, semester 2

The work is still concerned with political events happening around the world. In particular I've been influenced by the uprisings in Greece and by the Syrian revolts. Raw footage, newspapers images, web documentary and media news have been the resource of visual material I than re-elaborated into this new  semi-abstarct paintings. The large scale I've adopted in the latests works, allowed me to express more vividly the upset and discomfort i feel towards the violence and injustices happening.

This are the works I'm producing towards the final year exhibition.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What I found today...

This is an old one, dated 2008. I love it!

~~~ Happy 2012 ~~~

 Happy new year! 
The first semester of my final year at The Cass, London Met, is gone. It has been a very busy time, as usual! Here I've posted the latest works, including few sketches too this time.
Now we'll see what the new year will bring!!! 
All the best to everyone! ~

Monday, 5 December 2011

New works October-November 2011

"Lies, lies" black marker on curtain, 150cx100cm

"Game over game", Red marker on paper, tracing paper and thread, 60x80cm

"Untitled", Mixed media on canvas, 60x60cm

"Birds", Oil on board, 60x60cm

"There are seeds", Acrylic and oil on canvas, 60x80cm

"The single and the Masses", Black marker and acrylic on canvas, 80x100cm

"Untitled", Acrylic and oil on board, 120x120cm

"Where are we going?"Acrylic and collage on paper, 150x250cm

Monday, 31 October 2011

My Work's History

Since young, I have being interested in questioning the value of Man in the world. Inspired in the earlier years of my education by the ideas of Sartre, I later on became interested in Politic, Authority and the Individual's condition, particularly related to the masses, within these two poles.Various of my early works showed my intent to explore these issues.

"Humans", Pencil and Charcoal on Paper, 2008

"Authority", Mixed Media on Paper, 2008

Drawings, 2008
While I was attending my Foundation Degree at the Working's Man College, the taking place of the Iraq War, which started in 2003, was in the mean time profoundly influencing me. I so stated to dig deeper into considering the Power of Media, notions like Propaganda,  Political and Economical Agendas.
During this time my work was very much a response to the atrocities of the War.

"Tea Set for the President", Mixed Media Installation, 2008

"Untitled", Mixed Media on Canvas, 2011
Inspired by artists like Gustav Metzger, Barbara Kruger, Gerhard Richter and the writings of Adorno, Walter Benjamin and Berger, I became very involved in using Newspapers as primary sources of inspirations. During the first year of my Fine Art BA at London Metropolitan University, my work started to express through collage the questioning of the mediated reality shown on the most popular daily papers, like The Financial Time, The Time, The Evening Standard.

"Untitled", Mixed Media on Paper, 2009

"Alienation I", Acrylic on Canvas, 2009

"Alienation II", Acrylic on Canvas, 2009

"Untitled", Installation, 2009

"Untitled", Installation, 2009

"Serpent", Mixed Media Collage, 2010
In the following year I pursue my interest in Collage, in a very different way this time, more illustrative, for which I produced 2 books of compositions, which I later on made into published books. For this work I was invited to take part at a group exposition held in April 2011 at Studio75 London, called "Rip it up! mash it up! stick it up!" , which brought together 5 artists with different ways of using the collage technique.

"Rip it up! Mash it up! Stick it up!" Exhibition at Studio 75 London, April 2011

"Reality Show(N)", Book of Collages, 2011

"Reality Show(N)", Book of Collages, 2011

"Reality Show(N)", Book of Collages, 2011

"Reality Show(N)", Book of Collages, 2011 

"Rip it up! Mash it up! Stick it up!" Exhibition at Studio 75 London, April 2011
Towards the summer of 2011, I still produced painting that questioned the power of Media in our Society, but this time focusing my attention on the materials I was choosing. The new collage-painting were made out of wax, glitter, varnishes, spray paint. 
"Gold Facade II", Mixed Media on Canvas, 2011
"Gold Facade", Mixed Media on Canvas, 2011
"Untitled", Mixed Media on Canvas, 2011
I also produced some large scale drawings in response to the North African Revolts were happening at the time.
"Swarms", Marker on Paper, 2011

"Oil", Ink on Paper, 2011

"Peace", Collage on Paper, 2011
At the moment I am working on paintings that should bring together what I have been trying to achieve throughout my collages, drawings and paintings, but ideally in one whole composition. I don't know yet if this will be possible, is just a matter of trying I think. The latest painting I did, seem to have an apocalyptic feel to them. I was quite happy with some of the achievement on the way I used the paint, but there is still much to do on the choice of marks and material, as well as a more thought subject. Here they are:
"Chaos in the City", Mixed Media on Canvas, 2011

"Untitled", Mixed Media on Canvas, 2011
"After Chaos II", Mixed Media on Canvas, 2011 
"After Chaos",Mixed Media on Canvas, 2011